KR3W KILLS Phoenix 2015

April 02, 2015

There’s something to be said about packing two vans full of skate bros and sending them into the desert. Things could either go really well or horribly wrong. Fortunately for us, things went well this time around. A few days ago, 15 of us met at the KR3W office to load up the rigs and head out towards Phoenix, AZ with the main purpose being the yearly contest called Phoenix Am. Between the tricks logged in the streets, some of our dudes making it all the way to the finals (and winning best trick), and the wicked after-party, getting permanently kicked out of our hotel for having too much fun didn’t seem so bad by the end of it all. Below are the photos I managed to get while trying to not die of a heat-stroke.

As told by Cameron Strand

tony karr - fs flip melon
Tony Karr, FS Flip Melon

Enzo, V Heel

Kirby, Tre Flip

Kevin Scott, Heelflip

Tony Karr, Mute Pull In

Trevor, Smith Stall

Victor, Beanplant

Trevor, Fastplant

Reese, 50-50 Transfer

John, Kickflip

Moses, Kickflip

Nick, FS Wallride

Tony, Boneless

Tony, Japan One Footer

Enzo, FS Tailslide

Franky, Smith

Kirby, Gap Frontboard

Marshall, FS Shuv 50-50

AJ, 180 50-50

Enzo, Kickflip 5-0

Joey, Bluntslide Transfer

Victor, BS 50-50

Nick, Nose Manual

Trevor, BS Lip

Enzo, Nollie Heel

Franky, FS Slash

Tony, Chinese Nollie

Nick, Ollie To Bench Ride

Kirby, Ollie Up Ollie In

Pat, Ollie In Over Guardrail

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