RIGHTS REFUSED X Funeral French Artshow with the Shrine

January 07, 2015

Monday night, January 5th, KR3W threw a party at The Liberty Gallery in Long Beach featuring the work of our Rights Refused artist and good friend Richard ‘French’ Sayer. French flew all the way out from his new home in Melbourne Australia to attend, and with original hand drawn artwork and some of his classic designs featured on 5’ x 6’ tapestries adorning the walls… we were ready to party. The show featured a live performance from our friends The Shrine. The beer and wine flowed like water and the turn out was great. The only hang up came when the temperamental gallery owner decided that flipping switches and turning knobs on the band’s vintage equipment was a good idea when she deemed the music ‘too loud’. It was two and a half songs of ecstasy before she finally pulled the plug (literally) on the tunes. The party persevered the short set and we kept on keeping on until the beer ran out and we were left drinking red wine, like the sophisticates we always knew we were.

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