May 23, 2013

Brazilian churrascarias have this thing on the table called a “meat faucet.” When it’s green side up, that means the faucet is on and waiters will bring you delicious cuts of meat on skewers that they slice for you at the table. When you’re full, turn the meat faucet over to red and you shut the faucet off, no more dead animals on skewers.


Same thing with the new Drinkin KR3W raglan and trucker hat: wear them right side out when you want drink. When you’re done drinking, or when you start making an ass out of yourself (whichever comes first), turn the hat on backwards and your shirt inside out. Or just pass out and throw up all over yourself, same thing. No more drinks for you. Please drink responsibly, and by responsibly we mean don’t forget to take your shoes off before you pass out, or you’re fair game.