April 2, 2013

When you have the passion, you don’t want to overshadow it, but rather complement it, as Lizard does here with a simple KR3W Division t-shirt and a pair of his signature K-Skinny jeans.
Normally we’d start with the hat, but Lizard’s hat is from last year and no longer available. “SKR3W YOU.” We’re not telling you to go SKR3W yourself, that’s just what the hat says. It’s a testament to how rad KR3W hats are: Lizard is still wearing it a year later and refused to take it off during the entire photo shoot. Perhaps you’d enjoy the Electro Snake trucker hat? Virtually the same thing, just less SKR3WY. Now, onto the shirt: it’s a Division crew shirt, brought to you by the number 11.
Lizard also refused to take his pants off during the entire photo shoot. Which most of us considered a good thing. We’ve never had to deal with pantless Lizard before. Pantless Lizard might be really fun, who knows? But we’re pretty sure we prefer our LIzards with their pants on. It’s no wonder he didn’t want to take ‘em off, though, because they’re his signature K-Skinny jeans.