March 14, 2013

This week’s model is Lizard King and he’s wearing all kinds of cool stuff: a jacket that the sleeves fall off of, a shirt with secret bad words on it, and pants made out of tequila. What the?
Anybody can make a jacket that you can rip the sleeves off of and turn into a vest, but a vest that you can put sleeves on that turns into a jacket? Yeah, KR3W makes one. It’s called the Reptilia jacket (K22177) and it comes with some serious sleeve technology because arm comfort is very important.
The Smoke S/S woven shirt (K15305) Lizard is wearing provides a personal commentary on the “One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!” gag. One is, “I’m a happy Lizard.” Everyone enjoys a happy Lizard. Two is, “I’m a classy Lizard.” Lizard is very classy, tequila or not. Three is, “I’m a passionate Lizard.” Pretty sure Lizard owns the words “passion” and “passionate” now doesn’t he? And Floor is, “This Lizard is buck as f%@k!!!” Note the spelling of the last word. We can’t tell you what it is because it’s a Lizard secret. But we can spell it out for you in international satanic code (backwards): kcuf. This shirt has a lot going on.
The blue tequila wash on Lizard’s signature K-Skinny jeans (K45561) was developed by Lizard himself. He took one of his signature K-Skinny jeans, wore ‘em for a month, and when he brought them back, they looked like this. “Cool,” we said, “let’s call it the blue tequila wash!” We’re not sure if tequila was actually involved in their creation, but it’s likely. They sort of smelled like tequila, among other things. (We assure you that the pairs we’re selling don’t smell like the originals Lizard created—just the worn look, not the worn smell. Maybe we should make a disclaimer like, “Smell sold separately”?)