KR3W Appearing Live In Las Vegas

February 12, 2013

No, they’re not appearing in a Cirque De Soleil show or anything—well, actually it’s kind of a circus in a sense, everything in skateboarding is a bit of a circus these days, but there will be no ridiculous FRANCH ACK-SANTS.

No, the KR3W team is going out to Vegas to get some footy and do a signing at Pharmacy Board Shop. If you are French, and you’re in France, you should still try and make an effort to get to Vegas to meet the KR3W team at Pharmacy. They would be happy to see you. And you could stay at the Paris hotel. It will be tres chic.

KR3W: Erik Ellington, Lizard King, Kevin Romar, Boo Johnson, Windsor James, and Dane Vaughn

They will be at Pharmacy on Sunday, February 17. Signing begins at 5pm.

Pharmacy Board Shop
1920 E Serene Ave 500-2, Las Vegas, NV 89123