February 26, 2013

Erik, like many people, is fond of his initials: EE. Erik is also a fan of stripes, as evidenced by his striped Alpha LS Crew hoodie. Somebody here recently wondered if there wasn’t a connection between the two because if you stack some Es on top of each other you get a bunch of horizontal lines. Like stripes. E. Stripes. EEEEE… We totally tripped out on that for a minute. We’re done tripping out on that now.
The Alpha LS Crew Erik is wearing here (K11273) is the terra cotta and white. It’s a comfortable blend of 80% cotton and 20% terry cloth and features two side pockets, a breast pocket (with a nice KR3W tag detail), and a hood with a drawstring.
Erik is one of the original KR3W team riders and the K-Slim is the original KR3W jean. They’re like old friends. He’s wearing a pair of dark blue K-Slims (K45569).