November 28, 2012

IDEAL skate shop in Birmingham, England has been supplying and supporting their local skate community for the last 21 years and we were overjoyed when they approached us to help them do a little remodeling on their mini ramp under the bridge—the bridge, that’s the “kave” part of the Kave Rave. The “rave” part is fairly self-explanatory—you know, it’s a party, but with glow sticks, whistles, shitty music—but if you’re having trouble envisioning what a Kave Rave looks like, we politely direct you to have a gander at the video accompaniment to this post (thank you Sidewalk magazine). In short, we had a party/mini ramp jam session on the new IDEAL mini ramp in Birmingham over the weekend.

A lot of UK skaters who are fond of transition showed up for the event, including Wales’s world famous fantastic fuckwits the CRV WKD, and our very own Vaughan Baker wrangled up KR3W riders Rob Smith, Ben Grove, Lucien Clarke, and local Kelley Dawson and dropped them onto the deck of the ditch. Our correspondent in the field reported that Rob and Ben were “killing it,” but Lucien didn’t skate because, as Felix Schaper put it, “He’s a street cat, aka transition pussy.” Or maybe he just doesn’t like caves? Or raves? Or raves in kaves? Perfectly normal for a young man his age.

When pressed for more details, Felix responded, “There was a lot of Red Stripe beer. Zip from IDEAL was spinning some fresh tunes. It was pissing rain all day.”

Thanks to IDEAL, Sidewalk magazine, and everyone who came out.

Vaughan Baker and his secret legion.

The sort-of, almost, quasi-invisible extension.

The quasi invisible extension is like a black hole and it swallowed the identity of the fellow in the middle of this kickturn. But the other guy in the middle of the f/s air is Indy boy, Ryan Price.

Lucien Clark sits, while Ben Grove f/s kickflips.

Kris and Zip (from IDEAL) with Lucien Clarke and Rob Smith.