October 4, 2012

Yes, our very own Kevin Romar went pro last night. A surprise party was thrown for Kevin at the Red Room in Long Beach. Drinks were drank, Muska Dj’d, Kevin Fried Chicken (KFC!) shirts were distributed, and a Blind pro model board was presented to Romar. Needless to say, we’re all very stoked. Congratulations Kevin.

“Surprise Kevin! You’re pro!”
DJ Muska already had Romar’s new boards on the wall ready to party.
Long Beach locals and long time friends with Kevin Romar, Scott Kane and Toan Nguyen were super hyped.
Sean Sheffey and the Fromar shirt.
Scott Bailey and Boo Johnson getting photo bombed by “that one dude.”
Bartender Brown wasn’t actually the bartender, he just pretended he was so people would yell at him.
Vivian Lapointe and Spencer Hamilton were there for support… and free drinks.
Stevie Williams, Boo Johnson, and Jake Duncombe.
Good times. Congrats Kevin, you earned it!