September 20, 2012

We know it’s hotter than blazes outside right now and the only people who wear jackets in this weather are crazies, hobos, and crazy hobos, but it’s on our blog schedule: KR3W JACKETS, SEP 20. One does not deviate from the schedule. And the way shit’s been going, it could turn into a tundra-like ice age next week. Oh wait, Shad is reporting that it’s actually cold in Colorado right now. So it’s not hot everywhere. Anyway, here are four KR3W jackets we’d like to share with you.

The KR3W Starter jacket is 100% black satin nylon with red and white accents.

The Jack, an Erik Ellington signature piece, is a 100% nylon quilted ballistic rifle jacket, available in coffee and charcoal.

The Wallace is a 100% black waxed cotton bomber jacket with zip off jersey hood.

The Wilcox is a blue and tan letterman-style jacket made of 100% cotton broken twill with faux leather sleeves. It’s also available in red with white sleeves.