Lizard King Signature Collection

August 20, 2012

There are, apparently, two Lizards now. There’s Angry Lizard and Business Lizard. We haven’t seen Angry Lizard in a while because he’s been all business of late—skating, filming, and getting shit done. Business Lizard is awesome. But we’re worried about Angry Lizard, and we’re curious where he is. We’re actually going to hang some “LOST LIZARD” signs around town:

“LOST LIZARD: Extremely handsome and passionate pro skateboarder. Answers to ‘Lizard.’ Needs medication. Last seen wearing a pair of signature Lizard King K-Skinny grey denim pants and a signature Lizard King woven hoodie called The Ritual. If you have any information leading to his capture, please let us know. Reward: he will perform a bunch of kickflips in a row for you.”

Lizard King signature woven, The Ritual, 100% cotton, available in grey or purple.

Lizard King signature grey K-Skinny jean.