KR3W Carnival Party

August 30, 2012


No, it really is. Or was. The Notting Hill Carnival is the largest street carnival in the world, after Rio in Brazil, and KR3W teamed up with London’s Palace skateboards to host the party. Or host the party within the party. Or something. What we do know is there was partying going on. And it was sweet. Bro. Here is the transmission we received from our British correspondent.

(A note on the text: it originally appeared in an email in ALL CAPS. Presumably because the streets were filled with the blaring sounds of reggae and half naked ladies slapping their tits together to the beat of the music as they paraded down the streets. Our correspondent surely had to shout. We’ve translated it into normal sentence case for your enjoyment.)

KR3W and Palace wanted to have a party and invite all their friends, family, and KR3W.

The location was an old 1920′s funeral director’s home with a yard right in the middle of London’s Notting Hill Carnival.

We had bratwurst, rum punch, and a Funktion 1.

The guests included: Piff Gang, Its Nate, Florence and the Machine, Grimmy, Louis Simonon and Zulu, Miquita Oliver, DJ Iq, Jaime Winstone, Alfie Allen and Fin Jones (from Game Of Thrones), CC Sheffield, Angel Cabada, James Suckling, and skaters Vaughan Baker, Chewy Cannon, Karim Bakhtoui, and SUPRA team rider, Lucien Clarke.

Beats came from Will Bankhead, Alexis (from Hot Chip), JK, and P.W.B.C..

Details are sketchy, and we are awaiting more information from the Notting Hill front lines, but it appears it was a sweet party, bro.

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