August 27, 2012

There was an elementary school teacher we once knew who told us about one of his young students who would cuss at his classmates and make them cry. Naturally, the school forbid the kid from cussing anymore. But that didn’t stop him from making his fellow classmates cry. No, on the contrary, his taunts became far more bizarre and even more effective. He would make up the weirdest shit and spit it at his fellow students with such vehemence that they would cry even harder. One of his favorites was “baby shirt.” “BABY SHIRT!” he’d yell at some kid on the playground who would then be reduced to a quivering little pile. And of course the school couldn’t really do anything because he wasn’t cussing. Our friend the teacher reported that this child often wore 3/4 sleeve shirts, which he somehow found to be superior to regular (baby) t-shirts.

KR3W makes baseball shirts that are also way better than those regular ole baby shirts. Here are two of our original, 100% cotton, ¾ sleeve t-shirts. They’re great for skating, drinking beer, making kids cry—in short, all of the wonderful things you’re used to doing in a ¾ sleeve t-shirt are even more wonderful in a KR3W ¾ sleeve baseball shirt.