August 2, 2012

These are knits. And as we learned last time we looked at knits, knits spell stink backwards. This tihs don’t knits, though. At least not until you wear it. Let’s hear it for the knits:

Terril: custom pocket, 100% cotton t-shirt, sleeves and collar match the square breast pocket.

Perfector: mini yarn dye stripe shirt.

Prowler: short sleeve shirt with an all-over print that appears ripped and torn. “Grrr!” That’s the sound of a prowler on the prowl.

Mental: a unique ¾ sleeve shirt with a design by KR3W friend and artist, Ryan Ward.

Lunatic lightweight, zipper hoodie made from a striped fabric that is bold and beautiful on the inside, while subtle and alluring on the outside. Yes, you read that correctly: “alluring,” as in /rub /rub /rub alluring.