July 2, 2012

Here’s a letter we got from a KR3W supporter recently: “The other day I was flirting with this girl who ended up at one point trying to phish [sic] my cigarettes out of my pocket while I was talking to someone else. ‘OHHHH your pants (K-Slim chinos) are so smooth. /rub /rub /rub.’ This was the first step among many others that led to me getting laid. It’s nice to know my Kr3w has my back. <3.”

See! Proof: KR3W will get you laid! And while our pants are indeed very smooth, our 100% poly mesh jersey “Situation” tank top and shorts (available in navy blue and black) are even smoother. Wear the Situation and you’ll be sure to create your own situation where you too will receive a little /rub /rub /rub.

(Note: please remember that it’s spelled “fish.” The band Phish has never gotten anybody laid ever. Unless you’re trying to attract wooly hippies, do not use the word “phish.”)