June 11, 2012

With the Summer Olympics fast approaching, we realized that we forgot to submit our designs for the USA Olympic uniforms. So we wrote the USA Olympic Committee. “Dear USOC, your uniforms look like shit. We think our athletes could benefit from some KR3W t-shirts. We have two 100% cotton styles—regular (30 singles) and premium (40 singles)—that are comfortable and come with a variety of cool designs. Check ‘em out, let us know which ones you like, and we’ll print a fuck load of ‘em up. USA! USA! USA!” It’s always good to end on the USA chant. Makes us look all patriotic and shit. They haven’t responded, though. Dicks. Anyway, these are the shirts we sent them:

Blind (premium)

Bolt Squad (premium)

Champ (regular)

Komanche (regular)

Letterman (regular)

Ransom (regular)

Sorry (regular)

Zombie Crystal (regular)